What You Need to Know About Countertop Microwaves

Ovens are used to cook and heat food. The radiation of microwaves heats the polarized molecules that are contained inside the food therefore cooking them. You can find cheap microwave ovens with the best features at basically any local retail or online retail store. If you are looking for a cheap microwave, then all you have to do is to keep your eyes open and look for the best deal possible. This type of appliance has many types including countertop microwaves and convection microwaves. Below are some of the top rated countertop microwaves in the market today.

Compact Microwave Oven (Model: R-230KK) – This black microwave oven is manufactured by Sharp. It originally costs 99.99 US dollars but you can now avail it for only 86.99 US dollars. That is about 13 percent or 13 US dollars worth of discount and savings. It is an 800-watt microwave oven that is compact-sized and has a 4/5 cu. feet capacity. It defrosts poultry and meat by weight. In addition, this cheap microwave has 15 automatic settings, 6 reheat settings and 4 cooking options to ensure better results. Among thousands of cheap microwave ovens, this is the ideal one for your home. There are also shortcut settings that will make softening, warming and melting very easy. It even has a popcorn setting to make sure that cooking is hassle-free. It also has automatic touch controls. Its dimensions are 12 inches by 20 inches by 15 inches and weighs about 25 pounds.

Full-Sized Microwave Oven (Model: NN-H765BF) – This item is manufactured by Panasonic. It is black and color and normally costs 179.99 US dollars but you can now purchase it for only 134.10 US dollars. That is about 25 percent off or 45.89 US dollars worth of savings. It has a 1 year warranty and measures approximately 19 inches by 21 inches by 11 inches. It is complete with a timer, delay start option and popcorn key. Cheap microwave ovens like this are ideal in any home. It weighs 33.5 pounds.

When it comes to installing a microwave oven there are five basic options to choose from. These are built-ins, under the cabinet, over the range, drawer ovens and countertops. Among them the countertop microwave ovens require no installation. The other four varieties require professional installation in order to provide adequate ventilation. Built-in microwave ovens are usually more powerful than countertops. They are more feature-packed and provide true value for the money.

Limited worktop space is one of the main reasons people opt for a microwave oven that can be accommodated with the cooking range or with the cabinetry in the kitchen. The inclusion of a fitted oven will impart an integrated, sleek look to the kitchen. Free standing or countertop microwave ovens are less expensive than the fitted ovens as there are no installation costs involved. The built in microwave and countertop microwaves offer many of the same features, including sensor cooking, convection, auto cook, and auto defrost.

Compact Size Stainless Steel Microwave Oven (Model: R-216LS) – This product is brought to us by Sharp. It originally costs 99.99 US dollars but you can now avail it as a limited time offer for 84.99 US dollars. That is about 15 percent off or 15 US dollars worth of savings. It is complete with 4 cooking options to ensure that the foods are cooked to perfection. It also has automatic popcorn key that have great results with all types of microwave-ready popcorn. In addition, the product has 4 defrost options. It only weighs 24.7 pounds.

While selecting a microwave it is important to keep in mind the amount of watts that will be required by the unit. In general, the higher the wattage, the faster and more evenly food will get cooked in the unit. Most microwaves tend to have wattage between 600-1,200 watts but larger microwaves will tend to have a higher wattage. As wattage can greatly affect the cooking performance of the unit, so always pay attention to this when buying a new unit.

Microwave technology is definitely a step ahead in the world of of both cooking and kitchen appliances. Further with the growth of so many online platforms, buying a microwave is a relatively simple process. Through these platforms, customers can easily compare various models and decide which one fits their price range and requirements in the perfect manner. In addition, with so many payment options, customers can easily order a unit in the comfort and convenience of their homes.

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