Top 4 Amazing Countertop Microwaves That Will Redefine Cooking In July

Microwave ovens have always been a novelty. When they were first introduced, they were large and expensive kitchen equipment that everyone wanted to own. Fortunately, today, many people can be able to afford them. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars in order to purchase a good microwave. With a new month on the horizon, it is important to ensure that you have the best cooking companion. Whether you are looking to steam vegetables, bake potatoes or heat casseroles, here are the top 5 countertop microwaves that will make you appreciate cooking in July:

1. Panasonic NN-SD61S Stainless Countertop Microwave

If you are looking for a countertop microwave with plenty of room for large dishes and a high power level, this is the Best Microwave for you. Both innovative and intuitive, the Panasonic NN-SD61S relies on the inverter technology. This means that it consistently delivers microwave energy.

From a great brand like Panasonic, you can be certain that the microwave is jam packed with the best features. The microwave’s inverter turbo makes it work more quickly and efficiently than other standard microwaves.

Whether you want to use the sensor cook option, adjust the power level through the inverter cock or melt and soften your dish, the Panasonic NN-SD61S will carry out any cooking tasks to your satisfaction.

The delayed start and timer extend and other features like its 10 power levels make this microwave one of a kind. With an oven capacity of 1.2 cubic feet and 1200 watts of power, this cooking equipment will certainly meet you at your point of needs.

2. LG LCRT2010ST Counter Top Microwave Oven with Easy Clean

The LG LCRT2010ST is one of the Best Microwaves that you can ever come across. Not only has it been perfectly designed but it also stays true to its patented True Cook Plus Technology. The microwave allows you to cook your food perfectly and easily all the time.

Its stainless steel finish gives it an interior that is easy to clean. The microwave is the perfect definition of beauty and brains. Needless to say, it makes meal preparation quick and easy.

The microwave sensor cooking technology senses humidity levels which its round cavity provides an optimal interior microwave oven space. With additional features like custom defrost that allows for the quick defrosting of everyday meals, this microwave is certainly one of a kind.

3. GE JES205/SNSS Stainless Steel

As one of the biggest microwaves that you will ever come across the GE JES2051SNSS offers more power and cooking capacity than any other ordinary microwave. Boasting of features like sensor cooking, electronic touch controls and a power capacity of 1200 watts, this microwave has set a high standard for other countertop units.

Just like any other microwave, it can reheat, defrost and cook but the only difference is that it works two times faster! Its wide 16-inch turntable can fit a casserole ball that is 9×13 in size.

The microwave boasts of ten power levels that come with various functions. You can simply use one button at a time and add as much time as you want for that cooking perfection.

If you do not appreciate the beeping noise once the food is done, you can always turn it down. With a variety of pre-programming options, it will give you a cooking experience that you will always treasure.

4. Kenmare 0.9 cu Ft-Countertop Microwave

If you need nothing less than a basic countertop microwave that is a representation of groom and style then the Kenmore countertop microwave is a perfect choice.

The microwave may be compact (19 inches wide × 15 inches deep) but it works efficiently. Despite its small size, it still offers a pretty decent turntable. As such, you can heat or defrost using plates and bowls that are slightly bigger in size.

With a power capacity of 900 watts, the microwave still offers the perfect finishing to your food. The best feature of the Kenmore countertop is that it offers the same multi-stage cooking capabilities that you may come with more expensive microwaves.


These Best Microwaves will make you usher a new month in style. They are manufactured by reputable brands and come with the best cooking, heating and defrosting features. Sometimes a countertop is only the start of your plans. If you have higher plans for a better microwave, it is better to start with these countertops. They will be your perfect cooking coach for July and beyond.

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