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Simple Steps To Make Best Pour Over Coffee At Home

Did you search for a while to make pour over coffee? I have a few tips for how to make pour over coffee at home.

When it comes to pour over coffee, we all know that there is different techniques and methods involved in making a tasty and flavored pour over coffee, An enthusiastic coffee lover will always look for best flavor and taste that the bean can offer.It is a modern day trend for all the home enthusiasts to make a pour over coffee with perfect blend of flavor and taste like a barista.

Here is the few simple steps to make best pour over coffee.

Ingredients : 30 grams of lightly roasted Coffee bean, Filtered cold water.Accessories : Coffee grinder, An Electric scale, cone shaped dripper, paper coffee filters, measuring cup and a coffee cup.

Step 1 : Take at least 500 grams of water to a boil, heat it around 200 degrees Fahrenheit which will leads to best result, but in home we can’t say everyone will have a Thermometer, So I have a tip for that, Boiling point of the water is 212 degrees Fahrenheit, So once it is in the stage to boil with some bubbles we can identify that.

Step 2 : Take 30 grams of lightly roasted coffee bean and grind it coarsely, use a burr grinder were the consistency and quality will be good to make tasty cup of coffee. The grounds should have a consistency like a soil, don’t grind it too much like a powder.Now take the ground separately.

Step 3 : Now put the filter in the cone and rinse it with hot tap water, it will remove the paper tastes and helps to filter easily. After washing dump the filter before proceeding to brewing.

Step 4 : Place the cone with filter in the measuring cup and take the ground coffee to the cone filter, gently tap it to level the ground surface.

Step 5 : Pour 60 grams of water over the coffee ground slowly in a clockwise direction using circular motion,start from the center and slowly rotate it outwards in a spiral path, this will help the grounds inside without getting trapped and removed from the extraction, when the water hits the ground you will see the bloom, wait for the minute as this will settles it down, this will allow the coffee to degas to ensure better flavor of the coffee.

Step 6 : After a minute continue brewing the coffee by pouring the water for another 100 grams in a slow and steady rate with the same circular motion in a spiral path, concentrate in the grounds as the pouring should cover all the grounds, the objective is to sink the ground all around the surface of the bed. This will create a turbulence which allow water to extract the grounds more evenly, wait for another 40 – 50 seconds as the coffee will settles it down, now the second pour is done.

Step 7 : Now we are starting our final pour of water, start pouring in a slow and steady state with the same motion, pour the complete water in the ground, the pouring should takes around 50 – 60 seconds.

Step 8 : Allow the coffee to filter for another 2 to 3 minutes, once the coffee completely dips down, you remove the cone filter and your tasty cup of coffee is ready, pour the coffee in a coffee cup and make yourself in relaxed place and now taste the Coffee.

And here are some of the tips for you guys to make the pour over coffee more tastier.

Ratio : The ratio of coffee ground to the water is always play an important role in making the pour over coffee, In general we use 30 grams of coffee ground for 500 ml of water, so always keep a conscious eye on this. In some cases the peoples feel that they needed less taste of the coffee, or may be they need the coffee flavor to be more, in that case it is up to the individuals.

Grinding : The grinding should be done after all the other process, that is before pouring it, this will result in a fresh and flavored coffee taste. Also the consistency of the ground should be maintained properly, always use coarse grinds as it will extract different flavors of the ground profiles.

Pouring : Pouring of the water to the ground plays an important role in making a coffee, make sure that you have selected correct type of of cone and filter, and always pour slowly and steadily, always give time to the coffee to settles it down which will result in better taste of the Coffee.

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