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Portable Air Conditioner – A Choice to Consider

You might be a tenant who wants to have a cool and humid room but doesn’t lasts long to be just a mere renter. Window air conditioner is not for you; why not try portable air conditioners. In any or more scenarios portable AC a choice to consider although you might think twice about having its disadvantages. So, it will be wiser for you to know what you’ll get before paying for it.

How does Portable ACs work?

Just like any built-in air conditioner, portable air conditioner works the same: sipping warm air, cools and dehumidify, and then blowing it into the room. Ideally, portable ACs are for single rooms only. Most of the portable ACs has wheels for you to be able to transport them to different rooms, making it an alternative choice than built-in air conditioners.

Will water be collected in portable AC?

We have this knowledge that portable air conditioner removes warm and moisture air and vents warm air outside the window through a window kit. How about the moisture? Where does it go? There are few ways portable air conditioner deals with this.

One is the Fully Self-Evaporative Models. This is an advanced portable air conditioner that automatically evaporates moisture in the hose along with the warm air. It means, you’ll have to rarely face any trouble with the collected condense water. These are considered to be popular models due to their hassle-free operation.

Next is the Gravity Drain and Condensate Pump. Another way to clear out the gathered moisture is to connect a hose for draining which other models has upon purchasing. Link the hose to the drain port and direct it to a drain or other location where you can drain the collected water. Many models are also designed with a condensate pump: which helps push the drained water through a hose towards a drain or other locations.

Third one is the manual removal. Standard portable air conditioners contain buckets that needs to be emptied regularly. Depending on how long you are using the portable ac or the humidity. You’ll have to turn it off, unload the bucket and then change it before starting it again.

Lastly are the Single-duct models, with a duct connected to the window to release heat from the room and some outside can be very efficient in cooling your room. But with this process it results to a net air reduction which means more warm air is placed inside the room. So, the portable AC struggles continuously to cool the room. Also, they are noisier than most built-in air conditioners. Although they are suitable and cheaper, single-duct portable ACs are not as efficient as built-in air conditioners.

What should I look into upon purchasing one?

Don’t just look for its horsepower or how cold does it blow to cool your room. You may also want to consider these:

Power Cord. Typically, manufacturers and manuals advise not to use extension cord with your portable air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are power hungry and so your extension cord may not be able to cope to it then may cause overheating or worst, fire. Consider in using power sockets for your portable ACs.

Remote Control. These are handy like television remote controls. You can usually regulate automatic modes and timers to make life simpler.

Operating Modes. Automatic modes or smart modes means they can be adjusted for a target temperature you want then switches to cooling mode as required. There are different modes of air blown by portable ACs such as cool, heat, dry, automatic or fan only.

On/Off Timers. Sleep timers are functional at night because they switch off portable ACs automatically after an adjusted period rather than running all night, then turning off the moment you woke up. These are useful to guide the unit to turn on/off at times. This adjusts the temperature to a comfortable level for sleeping.

Window Kit. Window Kit comes with filler panels to close the gap in an open window and direct hot air outside using an exhaust hose.

Noise. Don’t be shocked when this unit is noisy because normally it really is! Portable ACs can be loud and disturbing to run, especially when set on to a full blast mode.

You probably love and enjoy the feel of freshly cooled on a hot day, thanks to these air conditioners we have at home. But don’t forget these can harm our environment. There’s always a price to pay for getting something good in our universe. Rather, use air conditioning less than using it almost every day.

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