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Nespresso Coffeemakers vs the Keurig – Comparison & Buying Guide

Single- serve coffee makers are a more economic, more convenient way of making coffee. If you find going to gourmet coffee shops too much of a hassle and or hate dishing out hard bucks, then by all means, consider buying a single serve coffee brewer. Why not save time and money? There is a slight trade off – in terms of flavor and taste, but for most people who are not coffee experts, a well enough made cup of coffee on demand is sufficient, not everyone requires a festival of the olfactory and gustatory senses. These two brands are very significant in creating the best atmosphere for the user during the cold days.

The Coffee Pods

There are two front – running single cup coffee makers on the market, the Keurig and the Nespresso. Both come in several models, so look out for the slight variations. The Nespresso coffee brewers use coffee capsules, and officially, Nespresso only offers capsules for brewing coffee, espresso, and cappuccino, although there are other companies that offer pods containing tea, cocoa, and hot chocolate.

In contrast, the Keurig and Keurig 2.0 utilize K – cups, and the manufacturing company, Keurig Green Mountain, has developed a working relationship with a variety of roasters and beverage makers, and there is a large amount of drink types that work with the Keurig and Keurig 2.0 line of coffee makers. In fact over 200 types of drink are available, for example, coffee, espresso tea, chai, mocha, cocoa, apple cider, iced cheesecake coffee, etc. This way you can always choose to get creative with your recipes, and amuse yourself as well as any guests you might be entertaining. For added fun, certain soups can even be made using the Keurig coffee machine.

Brewing Speed

The brewing times for both machines are very similar, both take about 3 minutes and a half. The Nespresso gets a slight edge in this department as the water temperature is slightly lower, and there is an approximately 15 second speed advantage over the Keurig. It is worth noting that the Keurig uses a pressure based brewing system, whereas the Nespresso brewing system is centrifuge based. The Nespresso system is also smaller and takes up less counter space.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning is always important when it comes to coffee makers. As with any other system, greater entropy usually results with the passage of time, however, in contrast to cleaning your room, perhaps, cleaning your Keurig or Nespresso is easy! To eliminate mineral buildup, old coffee, and loose grounds that accumulate in your machine, all you do is buy a cleaning solution which you then add to the reservoir tank, mix with water and run a cycle, and you are there! Of course, with the Keurig it’s even easier, you can just run a normal brew cycle, whereas with the Nespresso you need to run a dedicated cleaning cycle. Also, as the Nespresso makes milk and has a frother, you might also need to clean the milk reservoir and the steam wand.

Cost per Serving

As for the cost per single serving, the price per K – cup / capsule of espresso or coffee comes out to $.50 or $.60. But when you consider that a cup of even the cheapest of coffee from your friendly neighborhood Starbucks will cost you several bucks, it really becomes obvious what the better choice is, economically speaking.

Environmental Impact

Environmental awareness is important these days. Who doesn’t want to go green? That’s right, uncool people! Therefore, it comes as a great upside that reusable K – Cups for Keurig coffee makers are readily available. And reusable capsules for Nespresso machines these days are also available (on Amazon), so the eco – foot print for both these devices is now roughly equivalent.

The Winner

There is no clear winner in this case in my opinion. The Keurig is best used for making drinks that come in a variety of flavors, and it’s usually cheaper. The Nespresso, on the other hand, is good for the espresso drinkers that also like a little latte and specially flavored drinks, and who also doesn’t mind putting a little steamed milk into their palate. Your options will be limited though, so it’s mainly coffee or espresso if you decide to go with the Nespresso coffee maker.

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