Food Processor Or Blender – Which is Best?

Kitchen appliances are one of the most important part of our daily life. Every one of us knows it’s important and whenever it comes to kitchen appliances everyone has their own favorites. There are different type of kitchen appliances like coffee maker, induction cooker, toaster or mixer grinder every kitchen appliances have their importance, but there are bound to be some specific appliance which is used more as compared to others.

As seen most of the kitchen appliances offers only one function, however there are few kitchen gadgets who are versatile in nature and can carry multiple work. Blenders and food processor are the two versatile kitchen appliances who can carry multiple chores.

At the time of buying kitchen appliances most of the people get confused, whether to go for a blender or for a food processor. However if you love to cook food a lot, then it’s better to take a look at both of the appliances and then decide which appliance you need the most because the difference between a blender and a food processor is so minimal

Before deciding which appliance will be better for your kitchen, always make sure to take a keen look at the function of the appliances. First of all let’s have a look what a blender can actually do. Blenders are mostly use to liquefy things. In fact liquefying things is the primary function of a blender. People mostly use blenders to liquefy fruits and vegetables, it is also used to pulverize food into very small particles. Creating puree is one of the finest job done by the blender. According to its function blenders are mostly used by those families who have toddlers. It can prepare baby food in an instant by mixing all the ingredients by making it a smooth puree.

However, function of food processor is different from a blender. A food processor is used more for chopping and cutting vegetables. It can also grind hard stuff like grain and nuts. Grain can be grind finely to prepare a healthy flour for meal. Food processor is very helpful for those who do a lot of cooking and baking.

Seemingly ,the blender and food processor are some of the counter-top appliances that are quite alike in their features; they both offer speedy, sharp blades, and a quick, easy-to-use way of carrying out meal prep tasks or making meals itself. However, as similar as they are, a blender is contrary to the food processor because of the specificity in its job functions. And so, by knowing of their varying tasks, you’ll know which to keep as a kitchen appliance and which to store away.

Ideally, a blender features a: tall, tapered pitcher, narrow blade, and tightly-fitted lid, with multiple settings and a wide-range of speeds that range from low to high. And with functions to quicken meals prep time, the blender is productive at: pureeing soups and mixing it to a soft consistency, blending along shakes or homemade salad dressing and even, chopping glaciers, so it not operable by using a food processor chip.

Largely, blenders will be the preferred kitchen tool to chop or mix ice due to blade’s form, size, and depth; such top features of the blade and its own power levels improves its performance to proficiently chop, or crush hard things such as glaciers for smoothies, or even margaritas, whereas with a cpu the likeliness of chopping snow will boring its blade.

A processor features a wide, shallow bowl with the option of interchanging a selection of sharp blades for differing tasks; manually operated by a “pulse” control. However, it is majorly for: mixing or kneading doughnuts, etc. The food processor’s features provides for its functionality of chopping, shredding, grating, slicing, and mixing solid foods unevenly. Although the foods’ shape and size may not be even, such tasks may be accomplished in seconds, as opposed to manually doing so with a chef’s knife, a more time-consuming task.

However in today’s market you can find blenders with some extra setting like chopping and dicing. However the accuracy of chopping and dicing vegetables will differ a lot from the food processor.

In the current world, most of the people are usually getting along with either a food processor or a blender. They just don’t find a need of having both the appliances. However there are others who find helpful in having both the appliances in their kitchen. If you have ample amount of space in your kitchen than having both the appliances should not be a problem.

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