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Comparison Between Pour Over & Auto Drip Coffee Making

Manual Drip (Pour-over) Coffee

Just as the name suggests this is a coffee brewing method where brewing is done by hand. The user has control over their coffee. The manual brewing gives the user quality coffee with better flavor as compared to automatic brewing. Always easier to make one mug at a time or carafe by pour over advantage of pour-over is that they don’t use electricity and can be used wherever you happen to go.

Automatic Drip Coffee

Auto drip coffee is where the coffee making process is automated. Automatic coffee maker automates the brewing process. It makes the process more convenient by allowing the users press the button and continue doing their business. In addition to this automatic drip coffee allows consistent taste each time when you brew. They also come with wide variety of options and features. The taste depends on the grade of grounded coffee beans used in the Automatic Drip coffee maker.

Difference between Manual drip coffee over Automatic Drip coffee

1) Manual machine is the enable the brewer to have full control over auto drip

2) More cautiousness is required to pour water over coffee for an even extraction.

3) Manual coffee drippers are much less costly than Automatic machines.

4) Manual coffee drippers are 10 times less costly than Automatic machines.

5) More brewing time is required for making coffee under pour over

Automatic drip coffee

1) Some Automatic machines come with different brewing options. But will not get control as much as Manual machines.

2) Automatic Drip Coffee machines are more convenient. You just have to add coffee and water turn on the machine and continue with your business.

3) You need to spend quite some amount to own a good Automatic Drip Coffee machine

4) With consistent measurement, your coffee taste will be always consistent

5) Some Automatic machines come with brew time lesser than a minute.

Advantages of pour over coffee

1. More Flavored coffee.

Because of temperature control and management of volume of the water used will result to good flavored coffee.

2. The user will have full control over the brewing.

Having complete control over the grounded beans, water ratio and temperature will improve the coffee compared to auto drip despite having the correct size of the cup and the measurement system of the heat and a times results to improper Brewing.

3. It is cheaper than buying K-Cups.

K-Cups and other single-cup brewer beans are always over-priced. It, therefore, means that more money is being saved despite the major upgrade in coffee quality and taste.

4. Pour over Coffee Brewer is confident and feels great

It is always calm and patient to prepare a cup of coffee using pour over pot although it may take more time to prepare than normally used; always the coffee quality is achieved.

Advantages of Auto drip coffee

1) Specialty Coffees

You can Enjoy a specialty drink with automated coffee maker it also gives you a touch of a button.

2) Automated coffee makes fresh coffee Earlier days of making a pot of coffee and leaving it percolating on the hotplate for hours on end. With automatic Coffee maker which does not over-brew which will destroy the taste and leave you with little more than a sour caffeine injection. 3) It Uses Fresh Beans

Roasted coffee beans will keep their freshness much better than the grounded beans. The grinding process will release the oils and flavors that give coffee its taste. The automatic coffee machine has an in-built grinder that grinds the coffee. This gives you a fresh tasting coffee each time you use it.

4) Free Choice of Coffee

Your automatic machine can still use any beans you need. You can still treat yourself to variety of roast from an artisan roaster or test new beans you found in a market.

5) Speed

Automatic coffee machines are getting faster every time with some preparing coffees at a shorter time.

6) Consistency

An automatic machine is programmed to make coffee to taste consistently. Although this approach may take the flavor out of coffee making, therefore this means there is no room for the mistakes that mostly untrained coffee consumers will make.

7) Safety

Automatic machine is safe and it is real concern than using a manual machine for example in offices. The process of manually making coffee involves use of plenty hot water and steam being produced out of a hot metal wand may cause injuries whenever an accident occurs.

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