Charcoal Grill – The Untold Innovation Dream

Experience is perceived to be the greatest teacher whereas tradition is said to be the illusion of permanence. Irrespective of your perception, one thing remains clear, that whatever your traditional grilling experience cravings are, you can never go wrong with charcoal grills.

Hey there, your dream of taking your outdoor adventure to new culinary heights seem to have actualized, thanks to the availability of a variety of models of charcoal grills. Invention is the mother of necessity and surely, we can’t thank it enough for the recent developments in the charcoal grill industry. Have you experienced the portable charcoal grill! If no, then you have no idea of what it feels to grill on the go.

Currently, there are a variety of charcoal grills perfectly crafted for what they do best, hope you got an idea of what I’m trying to insinuate, if no, I’ll just ask a simple question. What do you deem to be the best means to sear meat and fast cooking of veggies and other foods? If your response is anything short of a charcoal grill, then I think it’s the high time you give it a try. Did you know that there is nothing as mouth-watering as meat off the charcoal grill, now you know. Thank me later.

Now, when all is said and done, one worry lingers in your head. How do we start a charcoal grill? Well, worry not, we are glad to be of your service. For your information, starting your charcoal grill isn’t as mind-boggling as you may think. The adventure in that thick, juicy steak and unique aroma of a charcoal grill guaranteed to water your taste buds could be just a step away. However, considering that nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, there are some few quick steps available for your convenience.

Steps to Starting a Charcoal Grill.

1. Clean your grill: You should remove any ash from previous meals. Any grease present should also be extracted. After that, wipe the grate with new cooking oil.

2. Create enough ventilation: This is done by opening the vents on the lower side of the grill to enable enough air inside. This helps fuel the flames.

3. Decide on the type charcoal to use: This is important because the type of charcoal that you choose will have some impact on the taste of your delicacy. Quality should, therefore, be employed here by ensuring that you use clean and uniform sized charcoal. It goes without saying that the size of your grill determines the amount of charcoal necessary, with that in mind checking the guidelines on the manual becomes a wise decision. In normal circumstances, one pound of meat consumes about thirty charcoal briquettes, just an ounce of advice there, you know.

4. Packaging: This process entails arranging the charcoal in a systematic manner to allow easy lighting. You are advised to use some old paper or simply fire starters in place of some flammable fluids since they could affect the taste of your food.

5. Lighting: At this point, you are half way done. Light the papers or fire starters slightly below the charcoal chimney. This should be done at several spots for quicker lighting.

6. Give the coals an allowance of some few minutes to burn until at least 2/3 of their surface turns white. Ensure that no more smoke is emanating from them.

7. Pour the charcoal on the bottom grill grate. Use a spatula to spread it out. The spatula should have long handles to protect you from burning your hands.

8. Arrange the charcoal in the manner you deem best for your cooking conveniences.

9. Place your delicacies on the grill. Keep checking to ensure that you adhere to the recipe. Food cooked on a charcoal grill is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, give it a try and you’ll never be disappointed.

Oops, a piece of advice, well, there’s more to just the act of lighting the fire on the biggest fulfilled dream towards charcoal grilling. Do you know of what you ought to do to ensure that you ascertain maximum best delicacy from your meal! Okay:

  • Don’t be tempted to add any water to your charcoal.
  • Don’t be tempted to add charcoal to a gas drill nor fear from glazes.
  • Ultimately, adhere to the fore-mentioned steps.

Above it all, always allow meat to rest before you do your service.

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