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Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

Automatic drip coffee makers are the most popular and most often used coffee maker by coffee drinking consumers today. Reason being, they are quite simple to use, brew a good tasting coffee, and have lots of features that appeal to the consumer. They come in all kinds of styles, models, colors and brand names. They are also available in a wide range of prices and sizes too.


The largely common feature is a timer that allows you to set your coffee brewer ahead of time to come on and make the coffee so it is really when you are. Another feature is to have a warming element that sits below your coffee pot or carafe to keep the brewed coffee warm and ready to go long after the brewing cycle has finished. Some connect to a water line to save you the trouble of having to even measure and pour the water into the reservoir.

They work by dripping water through a filter containing coffee grounds. There are two basic types of filters – permanent and paper.

While paper filters are inexpensive they can affect the taste of the coffee. Plastic filters affect taste too. Metal filters will last longer than either of the former two filters. However, they may require that the coffee beans are ground just a little more than you would need for the other filter types.

Its design makes it very easy to master. Simply measure and pour your fresh, cold water into the holding tank located at the back or side of the brewer, place a coffee filter inside the built-in holder, then add your favorite brand of coffee grounds. Finally push the switch or button to turn on the drip coffee machine and wait. In a few minutes you will have brewed your coffee.


1. Bunn.
It’s equipped with stainless steel water tank and internal thermostat keeps water at ideal temperature. It has ceramic warming plate to keep the coffee hot. The pour over heating system stays on and ready to brew. Bunn home brewer puts high quality materials and classic brewing technology into one great package. Cuisinart.

It is very simple and also very solid. It has a stainless steel look that makes it attractive and fit in any kitchen. Basically there are two types of Cuisinart coffee machine: The first one only has coffee brewing feature and secondly the Cuisinart grind and brew which allow you to grind coffee directly before brewing.

2. Zojirushi
It has only one first-rate machine which is the The Zojirushi EC-BD15 Fresh Brew thermal carafe. It has a very cool insulated decanter design that can hold coffee hot for hours with no thermal plate required. The other side of the thermal carafe stays cool. It has automatic brewing feature. To brew simply lift the lid and swing the water outlet spout to one side.

Deciding On the Right Unit

They are always a great option. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and have improved to the extent that they are no longer considered the “poor man’s unit.”

They consist of the usual power base, filter section and carafe. Better still, they produce a great cup of the black coffee which is what you’re after.

Extra Features

Added features such as grinding mechanisms and flavor adjustment features plus advanced water filtration are some of extra features to look for. The machine should include features which keep the coffee warm, maintaining an acceptable temperature.


Step 1: Fill up the water reservoir with water and then save some space for 1 cup of white vinegar. Like normal, you will also put coffee filter and water filter if it is replaceable. Place the carafe.

Step 2: Set the programmable functions. Press the on button to let the brewer “brew” the vinegar. Vinegar actually helps get rid of molds and mildew inside your brewer.

Step 3: It will brew directly to the carafe. You can see debris brewed in the carafe. You might have to do the previous steps a couple of times until you can see that the brewed vinegar is already clean enough with no molds washed out.

Step 4: Once it is already clean on the inside, brew only a water cycle to wash away the taste and smell of vinegar.

Step 5: brew down the coffee machine for a bit. When it has already cooled down, you can detach the removable parts of the machine. Remove the carafe, discard the filter, and remove the reservoir and these parts.

Step 6: rinse them in soapy water or wash them in water with dissolved baking soda. Baking soda will remove the oil residues from these parts.

Step 7: Dry the detached parts first and then wipe the whole coffee maker dry. Make sure everything is dry before attaching the parts again.

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