About Us

Hello and welcome to Cindy Walsh. We are a newly founded tech review blog, and our purpose is to provide you some accurate reviews, of the most common objects that you might need around the house.  
What Do We Do?  
Cindy Walsh started its mission in 2017, with the purpose of informing everybody who wishes to purchase a new household item. Considering that the market is crowded with different models/brands of every kind of product, many people are confused, and don’t really know what to pick. That’s why, we’ve decided to do that for you, and to offer detailed reviews, of the most convenient home and kitchen appliances, when it comes to value for money. When we started Cindy Walsh, we wanted it to be more than just a regular review blog. We want to actually help people and to find the best deals on the market, just for you.  
Why Should Join Us?  
By joining our blog, you will benefit from some of the most accurate reviews on the internet, on things that will surely interest you. Also, we will explain, why should you choose one type of appliance over another, depending on your particular preferences/needs. On our blog, you will find information about all the major home and kitchen appliances, like: blenders, air conditioners, office chairs, coffee makers, microwaves or grills.  
Our Story  
We are a young and enthusiastic team, always interested in home and kitchen appliances. After many bad experiences with faulty or unsatisfactory products, we have learned enough, and we’ve decided to share our experience with you. That’s what makes us different from any other review blog. Our goal is not to provide pros and cons of certain products. Instead, we want to anticipate your personal needs, and to present you that perfect product, that will be able to fulfill them.  
Let’s Begin  
Start browsing our blog now and get ready to experience some of the most accurate guides and product reviews, conceived especially for you.