Office Chairs

A Guide to Help You With the Right Office Chairs

You judge how good a chair is by looking at its features. Did the designer put you in mind? Is it adjustable, comfortable and high quality? With such ergonomic factors in mind, it is fast picking out a chair worth your money.

If you are looking for best office chair 2017, herein is a guide to help you arrive at the right purchasing decision.

1. Steelcase Leap

This chair has an interesting, simple design. Its armrests feel great and are adjustable. The wheels are made to ensure you can swing in any direction you like. Its height is appropriate for most desks, but it is also adjustable if need be.

The back keeps you in the right posture to avoid hurting your spine, thanks to the Live Back mechanism. About adjustability, Steelcase designs the Leap Chair to ensure you can adjust the back and the seat separately. This way, you find comfortable height

2. ModwayArticulate Black Mesh

It is one of the best office chairs for a number of reasons. The mesh gives you and the chair room to breathe. This prevents you from feeling as if the chair is heating up when you sit on it for long. Modway has a sleek design that suits any office.

The armrests are curved somehow, not flat. This makes them more comfortable. The seat, on the other hand, is well structured with great padding to give you the support you need. You can always lean forward or backward whenever appropriate due to the tilt lock. However, you can only adjust the height of the sit, not the back.

3. Serta Back in Motion Health and Wellness Chair

The name alone already says a lot about this brand. Do you experience any backaches or tired neck and shoulders? Serta has you considered. One thing that makes it stand out is the leather material used to make it. It is elegant giving your office a vibrant look.

The armrests are strongly built but adjustable. It is a matter of pressing a button. The seat is super comfortable considering its depth; the cushioning is great. The chair is specifically helpful if you have back issues.

4. Aeron- a Herman Miller Brand

Herman Miller is known to produce amazing chairs, Aeron being one of them. It has a fascinating look or say design. The mesh structure ensures great comfort and can hold a good amount of pounds. Its PostureFit feature ensures your lumbar is fine. You can always tilt as far as you want and there is something to control how far you go.

The padding on the armrests makes this chair great for your arms. The wheels will ensure you are comfortable whenever you move around with and on the chair.

5. ErgohumanHigh Back with Headrest

Among the bet office chair 2017 discussed, this is the only brand that comes with a place for your head. Even its back design is artistically done to communicate sophistication and style. You have three choices: all leather, all mesh and leather seat/mesh back designs.

The seat feels great to sit on while the armrests give you exactly what your hands want, rest. The mesh design is great for its breathability function. Apart from aeration, the mesh also distributes weight and pressure on the chair.

6. HON Nucleus Knit Mesh chair

The back of this chair is amazing. It is designed to match exactly how people sit. The synchro tilt is one of the things you should love about HON. The seat and armrests are both adjustable for extra comfort. It is another brand that helps deal with back pain.

The chair comes in a variety of colors to fit your décor or taste and preferences. They are more than 30.

7. Office factor executive chair

It has a unique seat because it is curved at the ends. If you want a break from those flat seats, this is what to consider buying. However, there is really nothing you can do about the height of the chair. It is not adjustable. The arm offers you support. The back is steady as it has several locks. Be sure you cannot fall off the chair unless you forget to lock the back well.

It is easier buying the best office chair 2017 when you have a guide. Among the seven chair brands, choose one or two that best suit your needs. If you have back issues, do not go for a chair that will not help with that. Do not focus too much on the cost but quality and performance of the chair. 


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